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VistaCam iX HD Smart – innovative intraoral cameras with interchangeable head system

VistaCam iX HD Smart – innovative intraoral cameras with interchangeable head system

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High-quality patient communication, caries diagnosis and documentation

DÜRR DENTAL camera systems provide valuable support in dental treatments and foster patient understanding of the required treatment measures. Thanks to the intelligent interchangeable head mechanism, the cameras will provide you with reliable support – both in the diagnosis and early detection of caries, as well as in plaque visualisation. At the same time, it makes your treatment recommendations easier for patients to understand. All the VistaCam models feature outstanding image quality, depth of field and ease of use.

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    VistaCam iX HD Smart

    VistaCam iX HD Smart

    You have the highest requirements in terms of image quality, depth of field and ease of use? With its high resolution and the infinitely variable autofocus, the VistaCam iX HD Smart system delivers images with unmatched brilliance and sharpness.

    VistaCam iX HD Smart – improved optical system and outstanding depth of field for brilliant HD images

    Maximum image quality for the most demanding requirements: with real HD resolution and the integrated sharpness filter, the camera system delivers crystal-clear, high-contrast HD images even on large monitors. Thanks to the infinitely variable autofocus, images can be captured exceptionally quickly and easily. Regardless of whether you need intraoral, extraoral or macro images. With the new VistaCam iX HD Smart, you can also record live videos in the same HD resolution as photos.

    Optimised workflow, ergonomic design

    With its narrow, rounded head, the VistaCam iX HD Smart enables easy access even to the back molars. The buttons both on the top and bottom of the device provide ideal support for your workflow and ensure that there is no need to change grip. A motion sensor that switches the camera on and off automatically makes the unit even more efficient to use.

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