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Simple & Smart



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simple inside, requires less assistance, and needs easy installation and less electronics
for a more reliable unit. That’s why we are simple&smart


improving ergonomics
The seat and the backrest have been
designed to improve the patient’s
comfort and stability on the chair. The
particular ergonomics allows the doctor
to work in a more suitable position. Working
in 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock position
will be easier.
The structure of the backrest is in metal
and its extra thin design improves the ergonomics
of the seat and makes the approach
of the doctor to the patient much
more easier, in this way the doctor can
reach a better working position.
The design of the chair base grants a
wider movement of the seat. It is thin and
allows the chair to reach a lower position,
to grant a wider working space and
improve the doctor ‘s comfort during the
daily practice.
The structure of the unit is built to last
in time, solid and resistant grant a perfect
stability and durability.
The water unit can rotate to allow the
doctor to work at 3 o’clock or to allow a
better positioning of the assistant. The
water unit’s internal structure and the
most fragile parts of the dental unit are
made in aluminum. This feature allows
to reduce the chair weight, making the
movement easier to manage.
The SS_KISS is equipped with a disinfection
system. There is a tank inside
the water unit for the disinfection of the
water lines that can be filled with a proper
product and activated by a special
switch located inside the water unit, to
avoid any possible accidental activation
during the daily work.
There are two separated airtight filters,
one for each suction cannula.
The SS_KISS is suitable also for
left-handed doctors. Adapting the unit
to left-handed users is very quick and

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