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Planmeca Emerald S

Planmeca Emerald S

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The new crown jewel of intraoral scanning


Planmeca Emerald S is an enhanced version of our beloved Planmeca Emerald scanner. It elevates intraoral scanning speeds to the next level while also introducing new diagnostic capabilities and improved usability.


Elite scanning speed

Planmeca Emerald S offers premium, top of the line intraoral scanning speeds in all situations. The lightning fast scanner can perform tasks efficiently and a capable user will scan an entire arch in well under a minute – significantly faster than ever before.

Sleek and slim design

The exceptionally small and lightweight Planmeca Emerald S is very enjoyable to use. The compact scanner is a leader in ergonomics and fits right into your hand for unmatchable support during intraoral scanning.

Planmeca Emerald S patient

Unmatched precision

Planmeca Emerald S captures digital impressions in vivid and lifelike colours. With unmatched trueness and precision, the scanner helps clinicians always achieve predictable results – from single-unit and multi-unit restorations to full arches.

The trueness and accuracy of Planmeca Emerald S intraoral scanner has been proven in an independent scientific study*.

*Vág, J., et al. (2021). The effect of software updates on the trueness and precision of intraoral scanners. Quintessence International 7/2021, 636-644.

Planmeca Emerald S lifelike colors

Tips for diverse needs

With two additional tips supporting its standard tip, Planmeca Emerald S is suitable for all types of intraoral scanning. The thinner SlimLine tip makes it easier to reach posterior teeth and to capture interproximal areas, while the Cariosity transillumination tip is an excellent tool for detecting caries.

Planmeca Emerald S tips

Easy imports and exports

Planmeca Emerald S is incredibly easy to work with, as digital impressions captured with it can be swiftly shared with others – entirely without click fees. The scanner supports imports and exports in both the STL and PLY file formats.
For cooperation with dental labs, Romexis LabApp offers an easy and secure application for sending intraoral scans or other types of image data.

Planmeca Romexis dental software easy exports imports

True digital comfort

Taking impressions digitally is much more convenient than traditional methods. Planmeca Emerald S offers a particularly quick and comfortable intraoral scanning experience for patients due to its small size and speed. The scanner’s ergonomic design and light weight also make it very smooth for users to handle.

Emeral S true digital comfort

Choose your ideal workflow

Planmeca intraoral scanners support the varying workflows of several specialities, such as prosthodontics, orthodontics and implantology. Our advanced design software complement the scanner in an ideal way, as they offer the best possible tools for planning, sharing and carrying out restorative cases.

Emerald S design software

Do it yourself or collaborate

Planmeca’s open solution for digital dentistry allows you to either complete the entire workflow on-site from start to finish, or flexibly export any part of it to external partners. The choice is entirely yours!

Emerald S various workflow possibilities

Enhanced usability

Planmeca Emerald S elevates the usability of intraoral scanners to the next level. It is even easier and smoother to use than its predecessor and also offers some additional benefits. Scanning contacts is significantly easier than before and the scanner’s enhanced motion detection allows rotating and zooming scanned models remotely.

Emerald S enhanced usability

Tooth shade assistant

The shade assistant feature helps clinicians quickly detect the right tooth shade. It has been specifically designed for Planmeca Emerald S and automatically shows the correct shade when the mouse cursor is hovered over the scanned model.

Emerald S shade assistant

Customise with colour

With changeable boots available in several vibrant colours, Planmeca Emerald S can be matched with the colour scheme of your clinic. In addition to the elegant emerald green it has become known for, the new scanner is also available in pink, blue and grey.

Emerald S changeable boots

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