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Planmeca Compact i5

Planmeca Compact i5

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Planmeca Compact™ i5
Designed to last – made to perform


Our Planmeca Compact™ i5 dental unit has been built around five central themes – design, wellbeing, cleanliness, intelligence and evolution. All of these principles are carried through in every detail, making Planmeca Compact i5 the dental unit everyone dreams of.


User-centric design

The sleek and distinctive design of the Planmeca Compact i5 dental unit has been created to stand the test of time. Our product development is always guided by what we believe contributes to good design – ergonomics, safety, comfort, and aesthetics. In Planmeca Compact i5, these design values have been honed and perfected to the highest level.

Planmeca Compact i5 dentist patient


Wellbeing for patients and the dental team

The Planmeca Compact i5 dental unit has been designed to offer the smoothest possible workflow for the dental team and the most enjoyable treatment experience for patients of all sizes and ages. With Planmeca Compact i5, the entire clinic can benefit from stress-free dentistry.

Planmeca compact i5 patient


A safe and clean treatment environment

With Planmeca’s dental units, clean water is a given – a core value of our product development. The practical design solutions of Planmeca Compact i5 make infection control especially easy, as all the essential functions are neatly organised, integrated, automated, guided and recorded. A safe environment is guaranteed for both the treatment team and the patients.


Planmeca compact i5 infection control

Intelligent tools for intelligent dentistry

The rapidly changing world of dentistry sets new demands for dental clinics, especially when it comes to increasing efficiency and improving quality assurance practices. That is why we have come up with intelligent digital tools that will help you take the efficiency and predictability of your clinic operations to the next level.

dental chains real time access


Continuing evolution

Planmeca Compact i is our most widely sold dental unit family. We constantly update it with new features and functionalities in order to keep offering clinicians around the world the best possible working companion. The Planmeca Compact i5 dental unit is the culmination of five generations of continuous improvement.

Planmeca Compact i5 seat


Fully customisable

To meet the demands of today’s dentistry – the increasing infection control and quality assurance demands, different users using the same devices, the constantly growing patient flow, just to name a few – we have created smart, customisable solutions that let dentists concentrate on patient treatment while technology takes care of the rest.


Planmeca Compact i5 PlanID



A safe and future-proof investment

Your Planmeca Compact i5 dental unit is guaranteed to have a long life span: it has been built so that it can be upgraded with new features and improvements at any time. This makes it a truly future-proof investment, with countless unique options to always choose from to match your ever-evolving preferences and needs.

Planmeca Compact i5 child



Also ideal for four-handed dentistry

Planmeca Compact i5 is ideal for both two-handed and four-handed dentistry. It provides plenty of working space for a dental assistant and offers easy access to suction tubes and other essential instruments. Since all the infection control functions are neatly organised in their own compartments, daily routines become more straightforward and less time-consuming.

Planmeca compact i5 patient comfort

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