Switching Service Engineers

What services do we at SSD Group provide?

Making the decision to switch providers for dental equipment may be a daunting process – quality, trust, reliability and professionalism is essential to ensure the transition does not affect an established dental practice. The SSD Group are well known for their superiority in dental equipment servicing but did you know that they also supply dental equipment? Having researched the dental industry for high-quality products SSD Group will supply a range of equipment such as dental chairs and X-ray equipment.

Why use us?

The SSD Group services include the provision, maintenance and repair of dental equipment. Our experience and knowledge of each dental product enables us to discuss the options available to you, ensuring that you only purchase dental instruments that are designed to maximise the intended requirements for your dental practice. We understand the need to maximise profitability at the same time as meeting the needs of your clients and keeping overall costs to a minimum. We also appreciate that reliability of dental instruments is essential to the smooth running of the dental practice to this end, we are confident in our reputation for providing high-quality dental equipment.

Contact us and find out how we can help

We can provide reliable equipment produced to a high-standard and specifically designed to meet with the fast-paced needs of a dental surgery. For more information contact 0800 020 9100 or email office@ssdgroup.co.uk
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