SS Dental Services Health & Safety Alert

Not only is SS Dental Services are leading the way in dental engineering in the Southwest, we are also now proud to announce that we are Alcumus SafeContractor accredited and Alcumus SafePQQ accredited. But what does that really mean?

What Is SafeContractor Accreditation?

SafeContractor accreditation gives our clients peace of mind; it shows that we have been vetted extensively – and we mean with a fine-tooth comb – by Alcumus. This is to ensure that we comply with health and safety guidelines as would be expected by professional dental engineers carrying out work in dental surgeries.

In order to reach accredited status, we provided Alcumus with our risk assessments, method statements and all company policies relating to all the dental engineering work that we undertake. We were able to demonstrate that as a company, we are health and safety compliant to a high degree. From the moment our engineers leave the SSD Group Headquarters to go to a dental practice, until we return, our clients can rest assured that we will act in a professional and health and safety compliant manner.

What Is SafePQQ Accreditation?

SafePQQ accreditation shows our clients that we are a safe, ethical and sustainable company. In order to reach accredited status, we supplied Alcumus with our GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) policies, along with confirmation that we have policies in place such as those that protect against modern slavery and confirmation that we are comprehensively insured.

What Does This Mean For You?

If you are a dental surgery or veterinary practice, we can provide copies of our accreditation certificates that will give you the assurances that we take our work exceptionally seriously. We are a team of professional dental engineers with a wealth of experience in the dental industry-leading our field in the Southwest of England.

Find Out More

SS Dental Services can service, maintain and repair all of your dental equipment. We can also ensure that you keep on top dental industry requirements such as ISO10637, the International Standard specification for high and medium volume suction systems. We will even automatically arrange for your annual check; this means you can focus on dentistry and can leave the equipment in our capable hands.

SSD Group Safecontractor Certification 2020-2021

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