Medical Suction Systems

What are suction systems?

Suction systems from a dental perspective allow dentists, oral surgeons, periodontists and veterinary dentists, to keep patient’s airways clear during dental procedures. Modern dentistry would not have evolved without the application of effective suctioning; it is critical to prevent choking, nausea/vomiting or impaired gas exchange.

Why Should We Get Our Suction Equipment Tested?

ISO10637 is an International Standard specification for all high and medium volume suction systems that are used in dental surgeries as part of the dental equipment. The aim of the International Standard is to ensure the safe usage and the reliable functioning of the equipment in a dental setting, and it lays out specific rules for performance, safety requirements and testing procedures.

What Procedures Require Suction Systems?

Even simple procedures, require the use of suction systems to keep the airways clear from saliva that is continuously being produced by salivary glands. Other procedures, such as tooth extraction will create bleeding following tissue trauma, this blood, if swallowed, can cause nausea or vomiting and can be inhaled. Some procedures require patient sedation; in this event, the dental professionals are required to keep the airways clear to prevent any airway blockage. Medical suction systems ensure full protection of the patient’s airway, regardless of whether the patient is undergoing a simple cleaning procedure or a more complex oral surgery.

COVID-19 And Suction Systems

The SARS-COV-2 presents a very real health risk to many; however, this is a particular challenge for dental surgeries. The virus can be transmitted by air droplets that reside in the nose, mouse and throat of an infected person. The use of some suctions systems undoubtedly will produce aerosols that can increase the risk of infection. This risk can be reduced by using appropriate personal protective equipment, and sterilising equipment and associated handpieces and/or accessories.

How Can SS Dental Services Help?

SS Dental Services have a certified testing kit to service your suction equipment and we will provide a certificate to confirm your adherence to the ISO10637 guidelines. This will demonstrate your commitment to both patients and employees in addition to providing evidence of the necessary safeguarding measures.

SS Dental services supply, among others, Cattani Spray Interceptor, High Volume Suction Tips. This tip does not require a reducer and will help to increase suction flow at the tip to reduce aerosols before they exit the mouth. The tips can be autoclaved for sterilisation, therefore saving money through re-use and plus it’s helping the environment!

Our expert Dental Engineers at SSD Group can meet all of your dental equipment needs. Contact us to discuss how we can help you get back to business on 0800 020 9100 or email: OFFICE@SSDGROUP.CO.UK

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