Dental Surgery Air Compressors

Air compressors are a critical piece of equipment for any dental surgery and at the heart of a fully functioning practice. SS Dental Services have dental engineers that are professionally trained to service and maintain air compressors. We will make sure that your surgery is not inconvenienced by any unwanted downtime as a result of malfunctioning equipment.

What Is An Air Compressor?

An air compressor, as the name suggests compresses air in addition to cleaning, drying and storing the air; the air is then used to power handpieces among other pieces of equipment in the dental surgery. This equipment is used daily and needs to be fully-functioning at all times.

Due to the necessity for a sterile working environment in surgery, the air from air compressors is cleaned using an all-important filtration system, this removes impurities, a potential source of infection. Moisture is also removed via a compressed air dryer protecting the air pieces and preventing a moist environment favoured by bacteria. Collectively, this ensures that the air compressor produces a steady source of reliable and good quality compressed air for powering equipment.

Maintaining Your Air Compressor

The efficiency of any air compressor is based on how much time it takes to pressurise the tank – the duty cycle. Most manufacturers will supply guidance for how long the tank should take to pressurise in addition to recommended duty cycle times. It is necessary to regularly monitor the air compressor’s performance, of importance for older models to ensure that the system does not have a leak, or the compressor is failing. Our trained dental engineers will be able to provide the servicing necessary to ensure the optimal functioning of your air compressor in the dental surgery and monitor the quality of the air being produced, to ensure the filtration system is in order. An appropriately maintained compressor should last up to `15 years and we aim to help your air compressor achieve this.

Why Choose An Oil-free Air Compressor?

It is essential that the quality of air meets HTM-2022 standards, this can be difficult to achieve with oil-lubricated compressors, this is why the British Dental Association (BDA) recommends using oil-free compressors for use in a dental surgery. This ensures only the highest quality of air if produced.

Maintenance AND Servicing

SS Dental Engineers are experts in servicing dental equipment, we are also able to offer recommendations should you be looking at replacing your current air compressor. The requirements for an air compressor can vary between surgeries, we have access to leading manufacturers of dental equipment in the industry. All the air compressors that we supply are designed with reliability in mind, ensuring your air compressor reaches its peak performance. There are certain components of the air compressor that will require periodic servicing to ensure optimal output and this will also avoid unexpected break downs of the equipment. We will provide a full servicing schedule, test the air supply and provide certification for your records; this will ensure that you meet with any legal requirements.

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Our team of experts will be able to discuss any issues or concerns you have with regard to your air compressor or any other piece of dental equipment. We are here to support your business and ensure that you do not have any unnecessary downtime which is not only inconvenient but can also prove costly. Please get in touch on 0800 020 9100 or email
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