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Your local specialist for everything dental

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Welcome to the SSD Compliance section of the SSD group.

Who we are

We realise that running a medical practice from veterinary to dental and onwards isn’t easy so we’ve collected some of our dental engineers favourite items and tasks to ensure you have the tools to reach a safer working environment.

What we do

Did you know compliance does not have to be painful? Or costly! We work hard to ensure our suppliers offer us not only best products and prices but retraining and data support so that we are not only on top of the tasks but were a leader in the ones we specialise in!

Pressure Vessel Testing

These regulations apply to all owners and users of pressure systems containing a relevant fluid, which typically include steam, gases under pressure and any fluid kept artificially under pressure and which becomes a gas when released to the atmosphere.

X-Ray Inspection Services

The majority of manufacturers recommend you have an annual electro-mechanical inspection.
For radiological tests should be undertaken on install and at least once every three years for intra-oral, panoramic and panoramic/cephalometric x-ray sets; annually for CBCT and hand-held dental x-ray sets…

Thermal Screening

Since the pandemic in 2020 screening of body temperatures has become key to the safety of not only the medical sector but all commercial environments where screening is needed, we have placed them into some rather interesting places and our supplier supports us in all the entrances of these units to get the best for your needs, have a look at each product to see its key features, and remember they are available on our eBay store so you can purchase with a card ( why not use an interest free card? ) to spread your purchase.

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