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Pressure Vessel and Pressure System Inspections

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What is Pressure Vessel Testing?

The Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000 (PSSR) require pressure systems to be inspected in accordance with a Written Scheme of Examination.

These regulations apply to all owners and users of pressure systems containing a relevant fluid, which typically include steam, gases under pressure and any fluid kept artificially under pressure and which becomes a gas when released to the atmosphere.

There is a legal requirement for a complete examination of pressure vessels and receivers that contain steam, compressed air and refrigerants. Any system containing compressed gas over 250 bar/litres capacity requires a PSSR inspection.

How do I know if I need a Pressure Vessel Inspection?

To work out whether an inspection is need, multiply the vessel operating pressure (in bar units) by the vessel capacity.  If the total bar/litres capacity is above the 250 bar/litre threshold you will need to have a Pressure Vessel Inspection with a written scheme of examination.

If you are an owner of refrigeration plant containing pressure vessels with a compressor power of over 25 kilowatts, you will also require a written scheme of examination and inspection.

SSD Air (part of the SSD Group) can provide full compliance, complete a full thorough examination along with a written scheme of examination.

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