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About Us

We are based on the outskirts of Plymouth and have been involved in the dentistry sector for many years. SSD was set up in 2011, so we now have almost 9 years’ experience working as an independent company and a national supplier.


Dental Services in Devon

We pride ourselves on providing the best in dental engineering services in Devon, including dental equipment, servicing and repairs in Devon. We have a network of engineers for your dental surgery and dental clinic requirements.

We are the only dental engineering source in Devon that can display our qualifications to you and demonstrate them with our vast experience. We are constantly sending our engineers on training courses to ensure the best quality of service to you. We will always make sure to send you the right engineer from the correct background, to ensure we keep our 98% ‘first visit, first fix’ achievement.

Dental engineers in Devon are the backbone of our company, along with the sales department and aftercare staff – you will always find yourself in great hands.


Dental Building Services in Devon

SS Dental Building Services in Devon was set up to allow customers to manage their projects with ease. We find reliable contractors and stitch the tasks together so customers can relax while we complete their dental journey.

We collaborate with select companies and tradesmen who have been vetted by us to meet our high standards. We offer skills and expertise to deliver building solutions that exceed expectations.


SS Dental Practice Support in Devon

We have carefully used our experience in working with dentists in Devon to understand what services and requirements are needed by dentists. We help entrepreneurs to grow their business by offering a team of professional advisors to help you grow a successful business.


SS Dental IT Support in Devon

Here at SS Dental we know that technology is becoming more and more important therefore we understand how vital it is to ensure any technology is fixed as quickly as possible. We provide a large array of computer support services and pride ourselves on technical knowledge and understanding our client’s business needs.


SS Dental Veterinary Services

We know how important it is to keep our teeth clean, but how about our fur babies? Here at SS Dental we don’t only supply Dental products to dentistry services, but also to Veterinary services in Devon.


SS Dental Online Shop

The central hub for all of your dental products and equipment in Devon.

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