Your local specialist for everything dental

Your local specialist for everything dental

Switching Service Engineers

Switching Service Engineers

What services do we at SSD Group provide? Making the decision to switch providers for dental equipment may be a daunting process – quality, trust, reliability and professionalism is essential to ensure the transition does not affect an established dental practice. The...

How to manage the fear of a dental appointment

Dental fear and anxiety   Fear can come in different shapes and sizes but a serious fear manifests as a phobia making some of what others would consider a simple task, very difficult and a great cause of anxiety. If you have a fear of the dentist, this can...

The Evolution of the Dental Chair

This is an example of the ‘Rathbone’ dental unit, developed in 1915 and it was one of the most popular dental set ups in the UK, used until approximately the 1960s. The Rathbone was a modern piece of dental equipment for its time with a self-flushing spittoon and...

Plaque, Tartar and Dental Disease

The word dental plaque is often associated with sweets, tooth brushing and scraping, and a visit to the dentist. But what is dental plaque and why do we have it?What is dental plaque? The mouth is the perfect environment for the build-up of plaque - a tacky and...

Veterinary Dental Services provided by the SSD Group

Dental services are not just limited to humans, our animals’ oral health is equally as important and as a matter of course, our pets should receive dental health check-ups from their local veterinary dentist. The SS Dental group are here to provide top quality dental...

Overview of Services

Based in Plymouth but providing support to the whole of the UK, Paul Sutcliffe wanted to create a company which build dentist’s dreams into reality by providing expert care and repair of dental equipment across the UK. SSD offer a unique proposition as they are the...

What SSD Group Do

We pride ourselves on providing the best in dental engineering services, including dental equipment, servicing and repairs. We have a network of engineers for your dental surgery and dental clinic requirements. rom the humble beginnings of one man in a van when our...

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