Your local specialist for everything dental

Your local specialist for everything dental

Dental Engineer Services in Bude

Having your dental equipment serviced and maintained is vital to ensure they continue to function correctly whilst also reducing the risks of surgery downtime and potentially costly repairs. With our #SSDQuality business structure, we are flexible to you, arranging practical hours and engineer levels to accommodate for your needs, so you can be assured we have all your dental engineering needs in Bude covered. We service multiple practices in Bude, from small pop-up practices to corporate dental chains and we would love to help you too.

Routine Procedure

Following an initial discussion of the reasoning for the visit, one of our dental engineers will arrive at your premises in Bude at a pre-arranged date and time and have all the necessary equipment to carry out the required works. Our qualified #SSDQuality dental engineers work with you throughout your dental working environment, ensuring issues are resolved in an efficient manner with minimal intrusion to the rest of the working dental practice. Our engineers carry dental equipment for minor repairs to medium repairs and can resolve nearly all faults found while at the practice, however larger repairs or those requiring specific parts may require an additional booking to resolve.

How do I book a site visit with a dental engineer?

There is some useful information that would be helpful to know in advance before our dental engineer arrives at your dental practice in Bude:

For Faults in dental equipment:

  • What is the nature of the fault?
  • What is the dental equipment that has the fault (Make/Model/Age)?
  • How long has the fault been occurring?
  • Is the dental equipment still operational/in operation?
  • The location of the dental equipment within the dental practice.

For EQC and Inspections of dental equipment:

  • What is the dental equipment that needs to be looked at?
  • How old is the dental equipment?
  • When was the dental equipment last seen?
  • The location of the dental equipment within the dental practice.

Follow up from our dental engineer being at site

Upon completion of a site visit by a dental engineer, a report will be sent to you with an assessment of any works completed. We always issue a certificate for your records and discuss with you an agreed next due test date for any inspections or servicing carried out by our dental engineers.

For more information on our dental engineer site visit procedures in Bude, or to book a dental engineer site visit, contact us today on 0800 020 9100.

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