The importance of removing dead legs in a dental unit


Dead Legs are pipework sections that have been isolated and no longer have water flowing through them.  A Dead End or Blind Leg is a length of pipe closed at one end which does not allow water to pass through.  These sections of pipework occur when a change or modification is made to the water system of a unit.

Dead Legs or Blind Legs being situated in a unit would be highlighted through a Legionella Risk Assessment of a water system.  A Dead Leg can create problems due to microbial growth as they can house bacteria due to the lack of flushing water through the leg, leading to a potential build up of standing water.

If the Dead Leg is then put into use it can cause heavy contamination within the water system, which in turn will disrupt the efficacy of the water treatment regime.

The recommendation for dealing with Dead Legs is to remove them back to source where possible.

 At SSD Dental Services, we have experienced qualified engineers available to survey your water systems and equipment to locate any Dead Legs and remove them to ensure that your water systems remain contaminate free.  This will ensure that your practice remains compliant with both HSE and CQC regulations, along with knowing your water systems are secure and your legionella risk is minimised.

For more information regarding Legionella risk assessments, or if you require assistance dealing with Legionella, please visit our partners The First Principle Group Ltd here: .

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