With the Christmas period coming to an end and our clients reopening their dental practices soon after being closed for the Christmas period, we at SS Dental Services have devised a summary checklist of things to ensure while completing your pre-opening checks.

This list is not exhaustive but includes important aspects that we as Dental Engineers feel are important to check.

Upon finding any issues while completing these checks, or if you would like us to visit your site and make sure everything is in working order, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0800 020 9100.

Dental Package

  • Run through water lines varying the water pressure to help remove blockages – all handpieces, quick connects and the 3in1.
  • Remove any couplings from hoses and remove any build-up of debris on the threads or internally. Also checking O’rings for damage.
  • Clean through the scaler again checking O’rings for damage.
  • Full test

On Chair Suction

  • Clean tip holders, strip, lubricate and reassemble or quote replace if old/discoloured
  • Clean or quote to replace filters depending on condition
  • Check condition of hoses, tears stiffness of hoses.

Spittoon Valve

  • Full test using the test button where fitted


  • Full test, check for focus and brightness

Suction Pumps

  • Run unit and test suction levels.
  • Check filters



  • We would recommend talking to your current service provider/manufacturers, ideally handpieces and motors could be serviced during the down time.
  • Check handpiece pressure and adjust where necessary.
  • Need help- contact us or our handpiece repair guys.



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