“Why does my dental equipment need to be serviced?”


As dental engineers, we offer a service that is invaluable in ensuring that a dental practice and the essential equipment it holds remain functional, along with limiting any costly downtime that would result from equipment failing. When equipment stops working, there are many negative outcomes that can occur: 

  • Negative Effective on the patient experience
  • Frustration for the equipment user
  • Patient rebooks may need to occur
  • Potential further equipment damage, especially with compressors and suction pumps

The CQC look for evidence that equipment is being serviced in line with the manufacturers guidelines. Regulation 15 has the intention of making sure that the equipment being used to deliver treatment and care is clean, suitable for the intended purpose, maintained, stored securely and used correctly. If the CQC finds that the following guidance is being breached they can take regulatory action:

“There should be suitable arrangements for the purchase, service, maintenance, renewal and replacement of premises (including grounds) and equipment. These arrangements must make sure that they meet the requirements of current legislation and guidance, manufacturers’ instructions and the provider’s policies or procedures.”

This is where Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) comes in, helping to prevent equipment failure, ensure you are compliant with CQC guidelines and helping to stop problems before they happen.


“How can SS Dental Services help me?”


At SS Dental Services, we pride ourselves on producing a service of the highest standard. Our ethos of #SSDQuality is the backbone of every service we provide, ensuring every practice we attend will be left with a smile and with fully operational equipment.

Annual servicing is carried out by our team of experienced and trained engineers, reducing the chance of problems occuring in your practice.

Our engineers can diagnose malfunctions in existing equipment and newly purchased equipment using the manufacturers service kits and special test and diagnosis instruments. No job is too big or small, from carrying out Pressure Vessel and Air Compressor inspections to setting up a full practice servicing programme.

Along with our own bespoke parts and equipment store from all of the leading dental suppliers, you can be assured that whatever your equipment needs to be in its best condition, we can obtain it for you.

Upon completion of every job, you will be given a service certification which you can keep on record, ensuring that your CQC inspector will be happy you are taking the correct measures to keep your equipment in top shape.

Contact us today to find out how we can help your practice.

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